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The no-obligation coaching consultation

I believe that all coaching should begin with a NO OBLIGATION coaching consultation so this is the first step in all my services. I introduce coaching and you tell me about your needs, hopes, aspirations and knowledge of coaching. All in confidence of course.

The quality of the relationship between you and your coach is important to the success of the coaching programme.

We can meet at a pre-selected and comfortable coffee shop/lounge for £30 or you can choose a private-room coaching consultation at Wellbeing Solutions, Newport or the R&R Consulting Centre, Cardiff for £50.

If, after chatting, we think we can work well together and meet each other's expectations, then we'll make a start! First, we'll meet for a 2 hour 'Reflect, Explore and Plan' coaching session. Here, we really start to focus and reflect on your aims and hopes, explore and choose goals and - by the end of the session - you'll have an anticipated coaching programme and your own 'ready to go!' Action Plan.

I always ask if you want to take a photograph of any notes I may have captured. People say how helpful they are! ....and you're off!

Your anticipated coaching programme includes the purpose of the coaching, outcome measures, anticipated location and duration of our coaching sessions, cost and payment method, cancellation policy, confidentiality, between session contact, how to address any arising issues and service evaluation.

My Biography

At 29, I gave my notice to Retail Management and started studying for a BSc in Psychology. I gained a First and my Post Graduate Certificate in Mental Health, Certificate in Coaching and my MSc in Occupational Psychology followed afterwards.

Prior to coaching independently, I was employed as a Condition Management Coach in NHS Primary Care, a Mental Health Worker in NHS Mental Health Services (community & forensic ward) and a Condition Management Coach at Rethink Mental Illness (charity).  For over 4 years, I worked as a Higher Work Psychologist for the Wales Psychology Service at Jobcentre Plus. My client's goals and action plans have ranged from condition management and life management to finding, sustaining and/or succeeding in work. I've attended Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Motivational Interviewing and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training courses. I have regular 1-1 supervision and attend the BPS SGCP Peer Practice group in Bristol. I am always interested in further developing my skills and services.

Not at all but many of my clients have been people managing anxiety, depression, a physical health condition/disability or a specific learning difficulty (i.e. Dyslexia) alongside life and work.

I look forward to meeting you!

I'm a member of The British Psychological Society's (BPS) Division in Occupational Psychology, the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP), The Association for Coaching, Fresh Air Fridays Facilitators and  I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance with Howden.





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Melanie Faulks is a member of the BPS.

Melanie Faulks is certified by the Centre for Coaching.

Melanie Faulks is approved by the Life Coach Directory Policy.

Melanie Faulks is an approved Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator.