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Coaching for Health & Social Care staff

Proud to be a preferred supplier of one to one coaching to Macmillan Professionals.


Before you can help others, you must first help yourself. Working in Health & Social Care, you've probably heard this a time or two! You might be considering coaching to help you put YOURSELF first(Honestly), how would you rate your current health, wellbeing, self-care, stress management, work/life balance and Compassion Fatigue levels? You can't pour from an empty cup.

Coaching can also help you progress with your professional aims and goals. In a different way to a traditional training course. There is no set training schedule and we look at workplace development and aspirations from your own perspective and current context.

So, what are you currently working on or hoping for and how is it going? 

As a result of guided self-reflection and some suggested techniques, I have more realistic expectations of myself and what I can achieve in the time available at work.”  GP.

"Melanie was very personable and sensitive to changing work circumstances. I recognised my abilities to problem solve, goal set with time lines and see things that I don't feel passion for as 'projects' with end points."  Clinical Nurse Specialist.

I now only concern myself with those things I have control over and take time to check my work/life balance is right.”  Clinical Nurse Specialist.

I enjoy working collaboratively with people working within Health & Social Care and I look forward to meeting you! Whether privately or via your employer.

I consider myself particularly well placed to work with people who are managing anxiety, depression, a physical health condition/disability or neurodiversity (i.e. Dyslexia) alongside life and work.





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Melanie Faulks is a member of the BPS.

Melanie Faulks is certified by the Centre for Coaching.

Melanie Faulks is approved by the Life Coach Directory Policy.

Melanie Faulks is an approved Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator.