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Welcome to #FreshAirFridays! Your opportunity to stop, relax, recharge and explore how to create the life, work and wellbeing you want - all whilst being outdoors in glorious nature! Each group session contains a different wellbeing related conversation theme and regular segments such as guided breathing and relaxation.

Fresh Air Fridays is for businesses, organisations and individuals. We have a 12 or 24 week programme for workplaces and for organisations adding Fresh Air Fridays to their menu of services. For yourself, come along to one of our monthly community sessions. Choose different days too - not just on Fridays!

The experience of the Fresh Air Fridays team has shown that many people know how to look after their physical wellbeing – whether or not they choose to do so – but far fewer know how to look after their mental and emotional wellbeing.

When mental, physical or emotional health is poor it has an impact, not only on the person suffering, but on families, employers and service providers too. Currently, the NHS is looking to increase the number of referrals being made by GPs to wellbeing related classes, sessions, courses, clubs and programmes via it's 'social prescribing' agenda. Here in Newport, the council already has a team of Community Connectors signposting people to wellbeing opportunities in their local area.

At Fresh Air Fridays, we believe that everyone deserves to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to look after their own wellbeing and that of the people around them. We do this through our innovative programmes and sessions which enable attendees to explore different areas of their life, work and wellbeing and make long lasting changes, should they wish to do so.

My monthly #FreshAirFridays session in Newport

Come along to my monthly 3 hour session in Newport on the first Friday of every month 10am-1pm at the RSPB Wetlands Nature Reserve. Or my alternative venue if the coastal path is due to be a bit TOO fresh. We go out in all weathers!

Booking is required to participate and all you need to bring along is yourself and a flask of hot water for the tea break. Some people choose to bring along a bottle of water too. Come along and see what we do for yourself!

Your first time is FREE!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first 'Fresh Air Fridays', I stayed chilled for days." Dany

"It's all about wellbeing and my thinking becomes clearer too." Elizabeth

"Melanie has a very warm and gentle manner, and created a safe space for each of us to feel listened to and supported on her Fresh Air Fridays session." Maxine

"My cheeks are still glowing! Melanie gently guided us through a mix of mindfulness, being in nature and reflecting on the month's theme. The relaxation at the end was lovely too." Lisa

If you enjoy being outdoors in nature and you're up for some relaxation, connection, fun and some (light) talking, thinking and planning - on life, work and wellbeing - then you've come to the right place. Here's the time, space and support to do just that AND show up just as you are.

Click on the Get In Touch button to save your place, ask any questions and to explore the 12/24 week programme for businesses and organisations.

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Loved your first session and what you took away?

If you loved your first monthly session in the community (thank you) and are attending again, you can choose a fabulous #FreshAirFridays annual membership or 'Pay As You Go'. The benefits of membership include:

* Attending ANY and AS many sessions as you like (i.e Newport, Chepstow, Abercarn, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Bristol & more) and includes Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

* The weekly Fresh Air Fridays email exploring the current month's theme (available free to anyone).

* The Fresh Air Fridays book (for sale on Amazon).

* 12 audio sessions to enjoy at your own leisure.

* An invitation to join the private members group on Facebook.

If you regularly put yourself first, spend a lot of time outside completely present, if you already mix with groups of like-minded people who accept you just the way you are AND support you to grow the life you really want, then you may choose to join #FreshAirFridays just for fun!

If you are not getting all those things then #FreshAirFridays will provide them for you.






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Melanie Faulks is certified by the Centre for Coaching.

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Melanie Faulks is an approved Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator.