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Welcome to #FreshAirFridays in Newport. On the coast, in a forest and at your local park! Your opportunity to take time out, check in with yourself, relax, recharge and explore how to create the life you want - and all whilst walking in glorious nature.

Newport #FreshAirFridays with Melanie runs on the first Wednesday of every month 10am -1pm and the following Friday. The growing Fresh Air Fridays team provide these innovative 3 hour sessions on various days of the week now. You can always get to one.

If you love being outdoors in nature and you're up for some relaxation, recharging, connection and a bit of (light) thinking and planning alongside like minded people - on project #mylife! - then you've come to the right place. Here's the time and space where you can do just that AND show up just as you are. Supportive, non-judgemental, open.

Come along and see what we do for yourself! Your first time is FREE.

Let me know if you'd like to come along. You can drop me a text, call, email or complete the enquiry form. Simply click on the Get In Touch button and I look forward to chatting and meeting!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first 'Fresh Air Fridays', I stayed chilled for days." Dany.

"It's all about wellbeing and my thinking becomes clearer too." Elizabeth

Fresh Air Fridays is changing the lives of many people, making them happier, more focused, more mentally resilient and more successful too - whatever that means to them. It is relaxed, easy and great fun too!

If you loved your first session, what it gave you and what you took away, you'll probably want to come back!

You will be most welcome at #FreshAirFridays as a member or 'Pay As You Go' attendee. A membership costs £25 per month or £250 annually. My Newport ad hoc/drop-in option is £28 per session.

Fresh Air Fridays members benefit from:

* Attending any and as many sessions as they like (i.e Newport, Chepstow, Abercarn, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Bristol & more)

* Receiving the weekly #FreshAirFridays email exploring the current month's theme (available free to non-members too)

* Receiving the 12 downloadable #FreshAirFridays audio sessions to enjoy at your own leisure

* Being part of the private online community where you can ask questions, share experiences and make suggestions

* Receiving the #FreshAirFridays book (on sale at Amazon)

If you regularly put yourself first, spend a lot of time outside completely present, if you already mix with groups of like-minded people who accept you just the way you are AND support you to grow the life you really want, then you may choose to join #FreshAirFridays just for fun!

If you are not getting all those things then #FreshAirFridays will provide them for you.

Interested in #FreshAirFridays for your local group, organisation or workplace? Ask me about the 12 week programme!






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Melanie Faulks is a member of the BPS.

Melanie Faulks is certified by the Centre for Coaching.

Melanie Faulks is approved by the Life Coach Directory Policy.

Melanie Faulks is an approved Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator.