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Move forwards with your work related aims

Off work due to an illness, health problem, disability or injury?

My Back to Work coaching service is all about helping you move forwards comfortably and confidently towards your work related aims after a period of sickness. You may still be managing a health problem, disability or injury alongside this journey.

Coaching sessions, of course, vary person to person as everyone has different situations, considerations and aspirations. However my passion and belief in the Recovery model and that Work is Great for Us underpins all my Back to Work coaching conversations.

The Recovery Model originates from the great work being done in the mental health field. It is a person-centred, holistic and empowering approach to managing long term health-related problems and involves:

  • Regaining control
  • Living well alongside symptoms/associated experiences
  • Hope for the future!
  • Living a meaningful life - whatever that means to you
  • Gaining new insights and possibilities because of your illness and journey
  • Feeling socially included

The belief that Work Is Great For Us also underpins my Back to Work coaching service. That is to say - GOOD work is great for us!

My definition of good work includes having clear roles and responsibilities, a healthy environment, manageable tasks which match our skill and interest levels, and access to training and support. It's great for wellbeing, purpose, identity, relationships, opportunities and much more.

If you are currently off with anxiety, where do you think or feel you are in the journey below?


What might Back to Work coaching involve?

We are likely to chat about how well you think your health management is going and your work related aims, aspirations and motivations. Your needs, values, confidence, resources and any return-to-work timings are important too. How are you feeling about these things right now? For some people, Back to Work coaching is about getting more organised, focused and decisive. Certainly, goal setting and action planning is a part of coaching.

Perhaps these topics sound relevant too:

  • Relationships & communication (i.e. family/friends, health & social care professionals)
  • Your own ‘self-talk’ and beliefs
  • Your strengths, interests and skills
  • Your energy and activity levels
  • Any anxiety or stress issues

I have a host of possible exercises too such as the Work Considerations planner and we'll look at CVs, application forms, interviews and the topic of disclosure too. I guess this makes sense!

Where would you like to begin?





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