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Returning to work after sickness

My Back to Work coaching service is all about moving forwards more comfortably and confidently towards your work related aims after a period of sickness. You may still be managing health issues or an injury alongside this journey.

"I was depressed being out of work, I lost a lot of confidence but you made me feel that I'm not ready for the scrap heap yet!" Wendy, 28, gained alternative employment following an accident which prevented her returning to her previous role.

The Recovery Model and belief that Work is Great for Us underpins my Back to Work service.

The Recovery Model originates from the research and practice of holistic and person-centred mental health services. It is an empowering approach to getting your life back on track when your health has taken a knock and involves:

  • * Feeling more in control
  • * Making progress alongside health issues
  • * Seeing hope for the future!
  • * Living a fulfilling life - whatever that means to you
  • * Experiencing new insights and possibilities because of your illness and journey
  • * Feeling listened to and included

Work Is Great For Us

That is to say - GOOD work is great for us!

I believe that good work is great for us - our wellbeing, our sense of purpose, contribution and occupational identity, opportunities, challenges, relationships, belonging and so much more! But what IS good work? What would you say it is?

I feel that good work is about enjoyable roles, clear expectations, a healthy and positive environment, doing tasks that match skill levels and having appropriate support, equipment, development and training.

My research has centred on exploring the successful return to work journeys of people who were previously on long term sick leave and the graphic below illustrates my findings.

Where do you think or feel you are today?


"Your support was invaluable when you feel that you are no good to anyone in the work market of today. Thanks, I will let you know  how things are progressing." Alan, 54, returned to work after a period of anxiety & depression.

What might Back to Work coaching involve?

We will chat about how well you think your health management is going and what your work related aims, aspirations and motivations are. Your personal strengths, needs, values, current confidence levels, resources and any return-to-work timings are important too. How are you feeling about these things right now? For some people, Back to Work coaching is about getting more organised, focused and decisive. Certainly, goal setting and action planning is a part of coaching.

Perhaps some of these topics appear relevant too:

  • Relationships & communication (partner, family, friends, health team...)
  • Your ‘self-talk’ and beliefs
  • Energy and stamina
  • Attention and concentration
  • Change management

I have a host of possible exercises such as the Work Considerations planner and we'll look at CVs, application forms, interviews and the topic of disclosure too. I guess this makes sense!

Where would you like to begin?





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